Namaste all! I would like to congratulate the NOH family and all our supporters on the completion of our 25th successful year.

Over the past quarter century, we have come a long way as a beacon of hope within the nation. As the current medical director, I vow to ensure that NOH continues growing in order to serve our community. I plan to work toward upgrading the hospital’s infrastructure system as a whole, with the main emphasis being in improving patient care.

This includes implementing improvements to training for the NOH team, especially doctors, nurses and related clinical staff. We will incorporate varied training for doctors depending on their super subspecialty. Nurses will be trained in infection control, child psychology and ICU management. On top of medical training, we will update training for management, account administration and HR employees.

dr kilash

I believe training and education to be the most effective means of providing high quality and efficient care to our patients. In addition to a focus in training, our management plan aims to implement facility improvements. The first facility improvement is the establishment of a help desk, which will facilitate patient interactions, both in terms of quality service and efficiency. Along with the help of the local municipality, we will soon begin construction on additional stories to the hospital building.

These additional floors will be used to house the administration block, while the current admin block space will be remodeled to create a new and improved patient ward.

I would like to thank the entire NOH team, Dr. Luc Salens (Honorary Advisor), international donor community specially OP-Walk Mission (Dr. Victoria Brander), Stitching Help for Nepal, Netherlands, Dr. Katrin Hagen, HTC Mission and many more, rotary club (local and abroad), hospital founding members and contributors (Prof. Dr. Shankhar Raj Pathak, Late Rtn. Nandaram Bhagat Mathema, Late Rtn. Jim Sinclair, Dr. Anil Bahadur Shrestha, Dr. Pierre Soete), board of directors and local government authorities for going above and beyond to create a supportive environment that allows the hospital to succeed in saving lives and making a difference in the community.

Thank you all for your continued dedication and support. I am excited to see NOH continue making a positive impact, as well as what the future holds for us!

Dr. Kailash Kumar Bhandari

Medical Director 

Dr. Kailash Kumar Bhandari