Binu is a 35-year-old carpet factory worker from Thali, Kathmandu. She was asleep on her first floor balcony with her two daughters aged 7 and 17. After the earthquake started they all made their way out of their house as fast as they could. As they exited the house, a garden wall collapsed on top of them. Both of her daughters were killed.

Bina was brought to Shankarapur Hospital an hour after the earthquake. She was given a leg brace and had an x-ray taken. She was then referred to Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital the next morning. On arrival a wrist slab was applied. She was diagnosed with a comminuted sub-trochanteric fracture of her right femur with a fractured 5th metacarpal in her right hand. She underwent surgery on the 1st of May. The procedure was a CRIF with K-wire for the 5thmetacarpal and an CRIF with SIGN nail for the fractured femur.

Pre-op X-Rays Post-op X-Rays