Shyam is a 25-year-old farmer from Nuwakot. He was in his bedroom at the time of the first earthquake. As it started he ran out of his house. He then went back into his house to recue his two sons. As he was carrying them out of the house, the building collapsed on them. His 3-year-old son was killed. His 2-year-old son suffered from head trauma and is currently being treated at Kanti Hospital where he is making a good recovery.

Due to a lack of transport, they had to be carried by friends for over 10 hours until they were able to take a car the rest of the way to hospital. They arrived at Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital at 1pm the following day were his leg was bandaged on arrival. His leg was x-rayed first thing the next morning. He was diagnosed with a Gustilo type III A, both-bone fracture of his right leg. He underwent surgery later that day. The procedure was an ORIF with external fixation.

All of the buildings in Shyam’s village have been destroyed and at least one member of each household has been killed. They are all now homeless.

Pre-op X-Rays Post-op X-Rays