The inpatient department of hospital consists General Ward, Private ward with Four Bed, Double Bed, Single Bed and Deluxe Cabin, Child Friendly Children Ward and Sagarmatha General Ward. The private ward has four bed cabins, double bed cabins and single and deluxe cabins. Here, the cost of care is slightly higher than for the rest of the hospital but in comparison to the other private set-ups, the cost of care is still remarkably low.The Bed Charges for treatment in the general wards, children's ward and infection wards are comparatively cheaper for all patients. Charity is processed for destitute patients whenever the need arises. 


The hospital has a post-operative ward with 6 beds in addition to the other private and general ward beds. This ward has bed-side monitors for more intensive care during the immediate post-operative period.

There is a surgical itensive care unit with 3 ventilators for the patients needing extra care and support.