We took a tour of Saankhu, an old Newar town of considerable heritage value. It served as a trading post in the medievil ages as a trade post between Kathmandu and Tibet. The whole town seems to have taken the brunt of this mammoth quake on April 25th 2015. Sixty six people died including children women and old people. The town had few modern buildings and most of the houses seemed to be made out of bricks and clay. There are still many believed to be trapped under the rubble. Of course not alive by now.

Most houses ( around 600 out of a total of nearly 1000) have cracked or fallen or been made uninhabitable by this monstrous quake. People are homeless and live under small sheds or in cars or under tarpaulin tents.

We took a tour and shot some pictures while we went to tell the community that NOH was at their service and they were welcome to use our facilities for treatment of the traumatized patients.

Locals lament the governments lack of empathy for them. They don't have tents to live in. Foreign and Nepali search and rescue teams are still searching under the rubble. They all look forlorn and lost. They need help. They need tents to live in. They need food and water.

If possible please can you find a way to help them in whatsoever way you can?