List of Operated Patients

S.No. Name Age / Sex Address Diagnosis Operation
On 2015/4/ 26 Sunday
1 Gyan Psd Chaulagain 84/M Kavre Lt MTP joint dislocation with # 2nd and 3rd MT Closed relocation of left MTP joint
2 Ranjana Thapa 38/F Danchhi # right ankle Relocaltion + k-wire fixation
3 Nitesh Rokka 16/M Thali Open # right tibia fibula ORIF with External Fixation
4 Bhuwan Shrestha 40/M Sankhu Right posterior hip dislocation Relocation
On 2015/4/27 Monday
5 Som Maya Tamang 14/F Sindhupalchowk ? # NOH ? SOH rt. Gust III A Debridement+stay suture
6 Bhim Bdr Tamang 81/M Sindhupalchowk Prox. Leg B/B # Lt leg Gust III B Debridement+k-wire+stay suture
7 Raj Kumar Shrestha 48/M Sankhu B/B # lt leg (Gust I) Debridement+ K wire fixation
8 Balram Kuinkel 26/M Kapan Open # Rt. humerus with radial nerve palsy Debridement + k-wire fixation
9 Masina Shrestha 45/F Sindhupalchowk Left hip dislocation Closed relocation
10 Shyam Tamang 25/M Nuwakot B/B # Rt leg ORIF with External fixation
11 Pasang Tamang 35/F Sindhupalchowk Posterior dislocation Lt. hip Closed reduction
On 2015/4/28 Tuesday
12 Jit Bdr Lama 25/M Sindhupalchowk Open Gustilo II # left leg ORIF with SIGN nail
13 Hom Kumari Luintel 65/F Sindhupalchowk Open Gustilo II B/B # left F/A ORIF with Rush pin
14 Choti Lama 22/M Ramechhap Open grade I # B/B left leg ORIF with SIG N nail 
15 Jit Bdr Tamang 60/M Sindhupalchowk Lacerated wound  # proximal leg  Debridement
16 Tika Maya Shrestha 80/F Nuwakot B/B # right leg Gustilo III B with hip dislocation CR for hip + debridement + Ex-fix for tibia and tibial skelatal traction
17 Sonam Lama 30/F   Open Gustilo II # B/B left leg Debridement + ORIF with SIGN nail
18 Kinjiya Lama 89/F   Open Gustilo II # distal right F/A with bimalleolar # right ankle ORIF with 1/3rd  tubular plate for bimalleolar # and ORIF with SF DCP for radius and ulna
19 Pabitra Adhikari 20/F Sindhuli Open # distal 1/3rd tibia/fibula ORIF with SIGN nail
20 Rana Bdr Baniya 74/M Sindhupalchowk # distal SOF right with Galeazzi # dislocation with dislocation right thumb with open wound right thumb ORIF with SF DCP for radius with debridement, relocation and k-wire fixation for 1st MCP joint
21 Sonam Sherpa 32/M Bouddha, Ktm Post ankle dislocation with medial malleolus # left with calcaneum # ORIF with cancelous screw + k-wire fixation
22 Durga Singh Thakuri 64/F   Infected crush injury dorsal riht wound Debridement
On 2015/4/29 Wednesday
23 Saraswoti Tamang 4/F Ramechhap B/B # (L) Leg ORIF with DCP / CRIF with SIGN
24 Srijana Magar 7/F Dakshin Dhoka # tibia left with wound left foot  ORIF with plating / K-wires
25 Sushma Tamang 9/F Sindhupalchowk # SOF (L) ORIF with DCP/ CRIF with Metaizzeau 
26 Laxman Karki 10/M Okhaldhunga # SOF (Rt) CRIF with Metaizzeau /  ORIF with plating
27 Bibek Moktan 17/M Jopati Compound # tibia (L) Gustilo II with # L1 L2 L3 vertebrae (Frankel E) CRIF with SIGN nail / K-wires
28 Achyut Ram Bhandari 50/M Gaurighat B/L bimalleolar #  ORIF with Malleolar screws
29 Sujan Shrestha 48/M   ST # (Rt) ORIF with Plate
30 Rabin Rai 34/F Nayapati # SOF (Rt) CRIF / ORIF with SIGN  nail
31 Ram mani Ghimire 35/M Nuwakot Communited # (rt) distal tibia with L1 # (Frankel E) MIPO
32 Shanta Devi 40/F Dhading B/B # (L) Gustilo II CRIF / ORIF with SIGN nail / Ex fix
33 Subhadra Dangal 25/F Sindhupalchowk # Distal humerus ORIF with Plating
34 Thakur Thapa 44/M Sindhupalchowk Segmental B/B # right leg CRIF with SIGN nail
35 Chandra Kumari Shrestha 35/F Sindhupalchowk Segmental B/B # with multiple blisters with # 4th MT (Gustilo I) CRIF with SIGN nail / K-wires
On 2015/4/30 Thursday
36 Ambika Dhakal 72/F Ktm IT # (L) femur ORIF with DHS
37 Kanchi Magar 12/F Hetauda # SOF (Rt) with (Rt) foot cut injury CRIF with K-nail / Fin nail
38 Maiya Giri 60/F Sindhupalchowk (Rt) Galeazzi # with multiple open MC # (Rt) + # SOF (L) with ipsilateral IT #  ORIF with Plating + PFN
39 Rana Bdr. Baniya 74/M sindhupalchowk # Distal SOF (Rt) with galeazzi # dislocation (rt) Thumb CRIF /ORIF with SIGN nail
40 Nikal Tamang 19/M sindhupalchowk # (Rt) Tibia Gustilo I CRIF with SIGN nail
41 Suman Dahal 26/M Maharajgunj Bimalleolar # (Rt) ankle ORIF with Malleolar screws
42 JulishaTamang 51/F Rasuwa # (L) SOF with (L) Tibia #  Hip Spica applicaion
43 Bibek Tamang 10/M   (L) foot dehisence infected wound Debridement + proceed
44 Bibi Dong Tamang 65/F sindhupalchowk B/B # (L) Leg GUST II CRIF with SIGN nail
45 Shankar Dhungel 23/M Sarlahi BB # (Rt) leg with ex-fix in situ Ex-fix adjustment
46 Nursed Miya 25/M Sarlahi Segmental # left humerus (Gustilo III) with radial nerve palsy ORIF with rush nail
47 Chandra Kumari Shrestha 35/F   B/B # right leg with medial malleolus # right ORIFwith SIGN nail + malleolar screw + k-wire
48 Dawa Tamang 25/M   Abscess right heel I and D 
On 2015/5/1 Friday
49 Sunil Basnet 8/M   # Lateral condyle (L) humerus ORIF with K-wires
50 Bed Kumari Shakya 92/F   IT # (Rt) femur ORIF with DCS
51 Bhakta Bdr. Thapa 80/M   # NOF (Rt) Hemiarthroplasty with AM prosthesis
52 Sukumaya Pariyar 82/F   IT # (L) Femur ORIF with DHS
53 Binu Praja 30/F   Comminuted # ST (Rt) femur with # 5th MC (Rt) hand CRIF with k-wire for 5th MT + ORIF with SIGN nail for S/T
54 Hari Maya Tamang 27/F   B/B # (Rt) leg CRIF with SIGN nail
55 Rita Poudel 34/F   # SOF (Rt) with # D3 B/B (Rt) leg (Gust II) with cut injury at (L) foot ORIF with Locking plate + MIPO + Distal femoral locking plate
56 Keshav Poudel 40/M   # Lat. Condyle (Rt) tibia (? Tibial Plateau) ORIF cannulated cacellous screw
57 Gyanjo Lama 31/M   Tibial Plateau # (rt) CRIF with Cannulated cancellous screw
58 Muna Thapa 20/F   # SOF (Rt) ORIF with SIGN nail
59 Nabin Chauhan 32/M   # B/L Calcaneum with # D3 (L) radius Elevation with steinmann pin + CRPP
60 Radha Giri 46/F   Anterior wedge compression # (L) with FRANKEL A Posterior instrumentation with Pedicle screws
61 Suresh Chaulagain 21/M   # SOF (Rt) ORIF with Broad DCP
62 Chini Maya Tamang 34/F   Compound # (L) distal femor with severely infected wound Debridement
63 Tenzing Wangdo 4/M   # B/B left leg (Gust I) CR + long leg cast application
64 Som Maya Tamang 14/F   Proximal SOH # right ORIF with rushnail
65 Raj Kumari Rauniyar 82/F   I/T # left femur ORIF with DCS
On 2015/5/2 Saturday
66 Jay Lal Shrestha  62/M   ST # (L) femur ORIF withRecon plate
67 Suja Maya shrestha 80/F   B/B # (Rt) forearm ORIF with SF-DCP
68 Sanjaya Pudasaini 18/M   Comminuted (Rt) distal tibia fracture with I/A extension and left distal B/B # comminuted I/A ORIF with Distal tibial plate for right + distal plate for tibia  left + 1/3rd tubular plate for # lateral malleolus
69 Maiya BK 55/F   # SOF (Rt) ORIF with SIGN nail
70 Dhurba Tamang 13/M   B/B # (L) forearm ORIF with Rush nail
71 Sabita Katwal 39/F   Tibial plateau# with ipsilateral B/B # (Rt) leg with undisplaced medial malleolus #  CRIF with Cannulated cancellous screw for tibial plateau + CRIF with SIGN nail for tibia fracture 
72 Lep Nath giri 60/M   B/B # (RT) leg with lacerated wound right ankle lateral aspect CRIF with SIGN nail + CRPP with K-wires for MM
73 Susma Tamang 10/F   # SOF (Lt) ORIF with Narrow DCP
74 Balkumari Shrestha 60/F   Bimalleolar # (L) with Ankle subluxation ORIF with malleolar Screw + 1/3 tubular plate
75 Suddha Shrestha 19/M   Proximal Ulna # with I/A Extension (L) ORIF with Interfragmentary screw
76 Kal Maya Tamang 50/F   Distal B/B # (L) wrist + gangrenous little finger ORIF with T-buttress plate + Amputation + Stump closure little finger left
77 Rabi Shah 6/M   Infected lacerated wound (Rt) foot Debridement
On 2015/05/03 Sunday
78 Pari Sambo 12/F   Left ACJ Dislocation with coracoid # (Grade III) CRPP
79 Nurul Hada 15/M   # SOF left ORIF with IMIL nail
80 Jamuna Shrestha 30/F   L1 anterior wedge compression # ( ffrankel E) with lacerated wound dorsal aspect of left foot Posterior instrumentation with Pedicle screws
81 Neema Tamang 17/M   B/B # (L) leg with infected wound left heel + mid calf ORIF left tibia medial sign nail + malleolus screw
82 Ramesh Dhakal 26/M   Bimalleolar # with calcaneum # with I/A # left distal radius  ORIF  with malleolar screw left + back cast for right
83 Sameer Sunar 24/M   # SOF (Rt) ORIF with SIGN nail
84 Thuli Tamang 60/F   Communited I/T # (L) femur with ? D12 #  ORIF with DHS
85 Hom Bdr. Lama 52/M   Left medial malleolus # + lower distal fibukla # ORIF with malleolar screw , k-wires + 1/3rd tubular plate
86 Amar Giri 44/M   Lateral End of clavicle # (L) ORIF with TBW
87 Jaya Maya ghale 59/F   Brust # L2 (frankel C) Posterior instrumentation with Pedicle screws
On 2015/05/04 Monday
88 Shanta Kumari Singh 82/F R 7 I/T # (Rt) CRIF with DHS
89 Budhi Tamang 60/M GW 5 # RT SOH with radial nerve injury and chopart # dislocation Lt foot ORIF with narrow  DCP for humerus and ORIF with K wires for foot
90 Bidhi Bdr. Shrestha 61/M R 24 Schz IV (Rt) tibial plateau # ORIF with Plate and screws/ilizarov
91 Lamu Tamang 13/F GW 14 # SOF (L) with undisplaced # NOH (Rt) with wrist drop CRIF with IMIL nail 
92 Dil kumari Shrestha 52/F   Dislocation 1st MCP (L) hand ORIF with K-wires
93 Amit Tamang 17/M   B/B # (L) leg with gangrenous 3rd and 4th toe (Rt) foot CRIF with IMIL nail + debridement ± toe amputation
94 Pulmaya Tamang 80/F GW 18 # lateral end clavicle ORIF with TBW
95 Chudamani Bhurtel 41/M   SCHZ Type I Tibial plateau # (L) CRIF with Cannulated Screws
96 Chini Maya Tamang 34/F PW 24 Open G IIIA (Rt) distal femur #  Debridement + Ex fix application
97 Sher Sangbo Sherpa 26/M   Degloving wound right calf with distal B/B #(L) F/A ORIF with SF DCP + Debridement for degloving injury  
98 Chini Maya Tamang 34/F   Open G IIIA (Rt) distal femur #  Debridement + Ex fix application  
On 2015/05/05 Tuesday
99 Niroj Tamang 8/M   S/C # (Lt) Humerus CRPP  
100 Krishna Lal Shrestha 49/M   B/B # Rt. Leg CRIF with SIGN Nail  
101 Kanchhi Giri 40/F   Galaezzi #  Rt dislocation. ORIF with DCP  
102 Usha Koirala 40/F   # Radial Head (Rt) Radial Head Excision  
103 Sarita Tamang 26/F   B/B # (Lt) Leg (L) tibial SIGN nail  
104 Bikash Lawati 23/M   # D3 B/B left leg with I/A extension ORIF with Cannulated screws  
105 Kareena Bhote 18/F   # Proximal Tibia (Lt) with # Clavicle (Lt) with Lacerated Wound (Lt) Knee Secondary Closure  
106 Shiva Bdr Katuwal 42/M   Comminuted # SOF (Rt) ORIF with SIGN nail  
107 Doma Sherpa 34/F   # Comminuted distal radius left + clavicle # (L) ORIF with Recon plate for clavicle and CRPP for radius  
On 2015/05/06 Wednesday
108 Ashimita Tamang 16/F    Pelvis #  ORIF with recon plate  
109 Sanu Tamang 41/F   L1 # with Frankel B Neurology Posterior instrumentation with pedicle screw   
110 Upasana Adhikari 12/F   Physeal injury (rt) distal tibia with undisplaced # (L) tibia CRPP with k-wire for physeal injury right + debridement, CR long leg cast for # left tibia  
111 Jamuna Gautam 37/F   # D12 vertebrae ( Frankel A) Posterior instrumentation with pedicle screw   
112 Manju Tamang 45/F   Distal radius # with I/A extension right CRPP  
113 Maiya Giri 40/F   # mid shaft tibia with distal fibula left CRIF with SIGN nail + ORIF with 1/3rd tubular plate   
114 Sahastra Rai 41/M   Galeazzi # Dislocation (L) F/A ORIf with DCP  
115 Sita Neupane 31/F   B/B # right F/A with abrasion wound right knee and ankle ORIF with SF DCP  
116 Mindur Tamang 62/M   Open # 2nd to 5th proximal phalanx right hand + wound Debridement + k-wire fixation  
On 2015/05/07 Thursday
117 Rosy Pokharel 34/F   Anterior Wedge compression # (L)  Posterior instrumentation with pedicle screws  
118 Saila Shrestha 52/M   Unstable pelvic injury ORIf with recon plate  
119 Buddha Maya B.K 45/F    (RT) SOT # ORIF with Narrow DCP  
120 Bikash Lamichhane 40/M   Compression # L1 vertebrae (Frankel E) Posterior instrumentation with pedicle screws  
121 Sirish Bohara 25/M   Trimalleolar # Rt ankle ORIF with 1/3rd tubular plate + ORIF with k-wires  
122 Lal chandra Lamichhane 56/M   Tibial Plateau # (L) CRIF with Cannulated cancellous screws  
123 Prachanda Silwal 28/M   # calcaneum (L) CRIF with Cannulated cancellous screws  
124 Pabitra Devi Prakurel 89/F   # SOH (L) + distal radius # + B/B # (L) F/A ORIF with Narrow DCP for SOH, CRIF for Distal humerus  
125 Surendra Dhoju 37/M   # Medial malleolus with # D3 fibula left leg ORIF with 1/3rd tubular plate for tibia + Malleolar screw with K-wires for malleolus  
On 2015/05/08 Friday
126 Bhuwan Shrestha 42/M   Post dislocation of right hip Close reduction and skeletal traction  
127 Ratna Bdr. Tamang 60/M   # SOH (Rt) with Brachial plexus neuropraxia with incomplete # D3 right radius ORIF with DCP  
128 Shanti Majhi 25/F   I/C # (L) humerus ORIF with Dual plating  
129 Sarita Maskey 29/F   # tibial plateau right lacerated wound over left F/A knee with undicplaced # distal pole (L) patella with # SOF right ORIF with SIGn nail  
130 Madan Chaudhary 71/M   I/T # (L) femur ORIF with DHS  
131 Murali Baraili 70/F   B/B # (Rt) leg MIPO  
132 Suku Maya Tamang 41/F   Distal B/B # (L) leg ORIF with SIGN nail  
133 ujin Tamang 8/M   # S/C (Rt) humerus G III ORIF with K -wires  
134 Sulok Panta 7/M   Distal B/B # (Rt) Forearm Close reduction and plaster application  
135 Tika Maya Shrestha 80/F   B/B # (RT) leg GUST III B with hip dislocation Close reduction  
136 Dil Bdr. Sunar  70/M   Galeazzi # dislocation right ORIF with 6 holed plate  
137 Churna Kumari Shrestha 45/F   B/B # (Rt) forearm G-I ORIF with DCP for radius + ORIF with DCP fir # right ulna  
138 Lam Bhuti Tamang 45/F   # (Rt) distal radius # with I/A extension CRPP  
139 Chini Maya Tamang 34/F   open # GUST IIIA (Rt) distal femur sevirity with infected wound Debridement  
On 2015/05/09 Saturday
140 Sumitra Basnet 21/F   Bimalleolar # Right ankle ORIF with semi tubular plate  
141 Saraswoti Tamang 22/F   (L) medial malleolus # Open reduuction with T buttress plate fixation + cancellous screw  
142 Kalpana Timilsena  39/F   Bimalleolar # (Rt) ORIF with malleolar screw + ORIF with 1/3rd tubular plate  
143 Raju Tamang 20/M   Medial malleolus # (rt) ORIF with Malleolar screws + k-wires  
144 Gopal Shrestha 58/M   I/A # D3 radius CRPP  
145 Dil Bdr. Karki 40/M   Galeazzi # dislocation left ORIF with SF DCP  
146 Gaurav Thapa 34/M   B/L Calcaneum #  B/L elevation with Stainmens pin  
147 Tshering Sherpa 39/F   # Clavicle (rt) ORIF with Recon plate  
148 Maili Tamang 50/F   Distal radius # right ORIF with T buttress plate  
149 Doma Sherpa 38/F   Monteggia # Dislocation left ORIF with SF DCP  
150 Dinesh Nepal 29/M   Implant failure with # olecranon right ORIF with TBW  
151 Sabitri Bhattarai 52/F   # (L) patella ORIF with TBW  
152 Bhim Bdr. Thami  25/M   Tibial spine # + undisplaced # right patella ORIF with cannulated cancellous screws  
153 Urgen Lama 45/M   Right medial malleolus # with distal fibula #  ORIF with k-wires  
154 Rakesh Shrestha 21/M   Displaced radial head # left Radial Head Excision  
155 Chini Maya Tamang 34/F   open # GUST IIIA (Rt) distal femur sevirity with infected wound Debridement  
On 2015/05/10 Sunday
156 Narayan Lamichhane 7/M   Re # B/B (Rt)distal forearm CR + Cast application  
157 Saila Tamang 51/M   # Clavicle (L) ORIF with Clavicle plate  
158 Ajay Shrestha 18/M   # clavicle left ORIF with clavicular plate  
159 Bablu tamang 39/M   B/B 3 (L) leg CRIF with SIGN nail  
160 Nabina Khadka 2/F   ST # right femur ORIF with Recon plate  
161 Aliza Lama 21/F   # SOH right  CRIF with rush nail  
162 Dawa Sherpa 42/M   # NOF left with acetabulum left with post polio deformity Gridlestone arthroplasty left hip  
163 Rajendra Psd. Lohani 38/M   # NOH right with k-wires in situ Removal   
164 Datta Singh Rai 28/M   Comminuted # tibia/ fibula with I/A extension MIPO with DCP + intrafragmentary screws  
165 Mangali Tamang 56/F   Bimalleolar # right ankle ORIF with 1/3rd tubular plate for # lateral malleolus + k-wires  
166 Chini Maya Tamang 34/F   open # GUST IIIA (Rt) distal femur with infected wound Debridement  
167 Bivek Tamang 10/M   (L) heel Avulsion Debridement  
168 Ram Maya Tamang 31/F   # medial malleolus Left ORIF with malleolar screw  
169 Sompal Tamang 39/F   Undisplaced distal fibula # right with undisplaced superior inferior pubic rami # left ORIFwith 1/3rd tubular plate   
170 Kumari Tamang 39/F   # B/B right leg ORIF with Sign Nail  
On 2015/05/11 Monday (major 11, minor 3)
171 Dhansaang Tamanag 49/F   # D3 B/B (L) leg CR with long leg cast application
172 Khadga Kumari Dhungana 60/F   # Shaft of right ulna ORIF with 6 hole plate
173 Maiya Khadgi 35/F   # (L) patella ORIF with TBW
174 Ayush Timilsina  44/M   D3 B/B # (R) Forearm CR + Cast application
175 Manisha Tamang 10/F   2 weeks old left elbow dislocation CR + Cast application
176 durga devi khati 50/F   B/B 3 (RT) leg CRIF with SIGN nail
177 Shang Doma Sherpa 39/F   Tibial plateau # (rt) ORIF with L-buttress plate
178 Thuli Kanchi Bogati 32/F   T 12 # Frankel E Posterior instrumentation with pedicle screws
179 Pema Langden 44/M   2 weeks old lateral condyle # (L) humerus ORIF with K-wires
180 Laxmi Ghimire 28/F   I/C # (L) humerus ORI with Dual plating + TBW
181 Suku Man Tamang 51/M   # calcaneum (L) Elevation with steinmann pin 
182 Sita Thapa 52/F   (L) shoulder dislocation with NOH # CRPP with K-wire 
183 Chandra Maya Lamichanne 58/F   # B/L lateral malleolus ORIF with 1/3 tubular plate
184 Sarkicha Nagarkoti 40/M   B/B # (Rt) leg CRIF with SIGN nail
On 2015/05/12 Tuesday
185 Yaka Krishna Poudel 63/M   Distal coronoid (L) ulna ORIF with Lag screw
186 Ganesh Tamang 23/M   B/B # (Rt) leg with communited # 1st MC (L) CRIF with SIGN nail
187 Radhika Shakya 13/F   # Tibia (Rt) leg CRIF with SIGN nail
188 Narayan Devi Rajbhandari 80/F   OA (Rt) knee I/A injection
189 Reena Shakya 34/F   # SOH (Rt) ORIF with Plating
On 2015/05/14 Thursday
190 Nirmala Rai 40/F   I/C # (RT) humerus with ipsilateral galeazzi #  ORIF with 1/3 tubular plate
191 Suraj thapa Magar 20/M   D3 Tibia (RT) leg ORIF with SIGN nail
192 Dil Bdr. Rayamajhi 84/M   Bimalleolar # (Rt) ORIF with 1/3 tubular plate + malleolar screw + K-wire
193 Anish Tamang 7/M   Cellulitis (RT) knee Debridement
194 Bhuwan Shrestha 40/M   Right posterior hip dislocation ORIF with Recon plate
195 Chini Maya Tamang 34/F   open # GUST IIIA (Rt) distal femur sevirity with infected wound Debridement
196 Supriya Tamang 10/F   # (Rt) Tibia CR + Long leg cast 
On 2015/05/15 Friday
197 Nishal Lama 5/M   D3 B/B # (L) F/A Kapandgi with 2 K-wires
198 Uzin Tamang 7/M   Post ORIF with K-wires for S/C # (Rt) humerus  CRIF with K-wires
199 Alan Bhattachan 13/M   B/B # (L) F/A CRIF With Rush nails
200 Saroj Kunwar 16/M   # II, III, IV, V MT (L) Foot ORIF with K-wires
201 Dhansang Tamang 48/F   Distal B/B # (Rt) leg ORIF with Distal tibial locking plate
202 Ruku Bhattarai 45/F   Tibial plateau # (L) SCHZ  V CRIF with partially cannulated cancellous screws
203 Madhav Sijapati 56/M   # (L) Patella  ORIF with TBW
204 Hom Thapa Magar 28/M   B/B # (L) F/A (GUST I) ORIF with SF DCP
On 2015/05/16 Saturday
205 Ayush Gadal 4/M   # Lateral Condyle (L) humerus ORIF with K-wires
206 supriya Tamang 10/F   # (Rt) Tibia ORIFwith narrow DCP 7 hole
207 Mahendra Basnet 12/M   # D# B/B left F/A CRPP
208 Mingma Sherpa 14/M   B/B # (Rt) F/A ORIF with SF DCP
209 Mani Raj Tamang 15/M   # medial epicondyle with fragment entrapment into joint left ORIF with k-wires
210 Mingmar Syambo Tamang 35/M   B/B # (RT) Leg ORIF with SIGN nail
211 Bhim Bdr tamang 81/F   Proximal # b/B left( Gust III B) Debridement + Ex-fix
On 2015/05/17 Sunday
212 Rabin Mijar 6/M   B/B 3 (L) F/A CRIF with Rush nail
213 Sarita Maskey 24/F   Post operative floating knee Debridement
214 Blaram Kuinkel 26/M   Post operative open # SOH (Rt) STSG
215 Chini maya Tamang 34/F   Compound comminuted # Distal femur left with ex-fix in situ with infected wound Debridement
216 jamuna Tamang 32/F   (L) Distal radius CRPP
217 Kalpana Gautam 33/F   # (L) Distal radius with post reduced elbow dislocation (Rt) CRPP
218 Manisha Shrestha  34/F   tibial plateau # (L) ORIF with Buttress plate
219 Ram Bdr. Nagarkoti 35/M   B/L Calcaneum # (Rt) boot cast (L) steinimann pin elevation
220 Sunita Lama 25/F   Medial malleolus # (Rt) ankle  ORIF with K-wires
221 Bishaka Rawal 27/F   Bimalleolar # (L) ankle ORIF with 1/3rd tubular plate
On 2015/05/18 Monday
222 Urabasha Chapagain 25/F   Medial malleolus # (L) ankle ORIF with Malleolar screws and K-wires
223 Pasang Sherpa 29/M   # proximal 1/3rd SOH (Rt) with multiple ribs # ORIF with humeral nail
224 Gokul Thapa 43/M   Comminuted # (Rt) calcaneum Elevation with steinmann pin
225 Santosh Bikram Khadka 34/M   Distal tibia # ORIF with 3 lag screw
226 Padam Kumari Tamang 73/F   Lateral end of clavicle ORIF with TBW
227 Tharchhen Lama 54/F   Lisfranc # dislocation (Rt) foot (1,II,III,IV) MT ORIF with K-wires
228 Durga Singh Thakuri 64/F   Crush injury (Rt) hand STSG
229 Indra Prasad Chaulagain 59/M   Post SIGN nail for B/B # (Rt) leg with infection HWR + debridement
230 Dawa Tamang 8/F   Abscess (Rt) leg I and D
On 2015/05/19 Tuesday
231 Urmila Baram 11/F   3 weeks old S/C # (RT) humerus ORIF with Osteoclasis with K-wires
232 Baburam Budhathoki 37/M   # medial Malleolus ORIF with K-wires
233 Aseem K.C. 9/M   S/C # (Lt) Humerus ORIF with K-wires
234 Santosh Subedi 31/M   I/C # (Rt) femur ORIF with Distal femoral locking plate
235 Birsang Tamang 12/M   3 weeks old distal femur physeal injury ORIF with Cancellous screws
236 Khagendra Shai 22/M   Implant failure Implant removal
237 Bibek Chaulagain 12/M   # (L) radius  ORIF with Rush nail
238 Saruna Thing 12/F   Distal B/B # (L) F/A CRPP with K-wires
239 Pemba Lama 51/M   Degloving injury right Debridement and FB removal