We are in need of many things right now for treating the earthquake victims. Altogether in 4 days time near about 500 patients have been seen. Till now 21 patients have been taken to the OR for intervention. The waiting list for surgery or intervention is long. Still many patients are arriving as the roads now have been cleared for vehicular transport. The late comers are the ones with the bad injuries.

We have made certain decisions regarding patient care:

  1. All patients will be treated free of cost.
  2. Patients will be given two free meals.
  3. The field tents will remain to house all new coming patients. No one will be sent back.
  4. OPD will remain open all the time with two night doctors.

We are facing a financial crisis to treat patients as this involves overhead costs and also salary for the staff. Any donation of hardware or medicines will indeed reduce financial load for us. Many long bones need SIGN nails. We have run out of stock for proper size nails. I have made a list of things we would want after consulting with the doctors and nurses. Please go through that and do what you can. We want these items to be sent quickly. I have ordered local Indian nails as we need nails most for now.

Our surgeons are adept at treating fractures and the patients will need to stay long if they have open fractures and soft tissue or bone defects. For that dressing material and bandages will be required.

I appeal to all of you, friends and well-wishers of NOH to please raise money so that surgery can be done on these poor patients without us having to worry about operational costs. Please do anything to help us. Any small or big amount will help. 

To donate please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also get our account details by calling us at the following numbers: 977-1-4911725, 977-1-4911274, 977-1-4910505.