Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital has been actively treating the earthquake victims with orthopaedic injuries since the very moment the disastrous earthquake hit the nation on Saturday, 25th April at 11:58 AM.

Till this moment the hospital has provided services to more than 500 patients in OPD, one third of which has been admitted and planned for surgery. Most of the injured people are from Sindhupalchowk, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur. OPDs were carried out in the open area in the parking lot to be safer because of the continuous aftershocks. Field hospitals with two tents were made. No government help has came through as of yet.

The hospital ran out of Plaster of Paris, medicines, painkillers, etc. Diesel for generators was also getting low on storage. The hospital administration had to scramble for supplies and in doing so (replacement) a lot of financial burden has been put on the hospital.

35 surgeries have already performed so far and 13 more are planned for today. Most of the surgeries were being done in the make shift operation room as the ground floor of the hospital building on April 26 and 27th. Since yesterday regular operation theatre is being used on the 3rd floor.

The injured mostly have open fractures of the long bones of the thigh, leg and arm and forearms. Some have multiple rib fractures. Some have crush injuries of the hands and feet. Some had visceral injuries. The patients all recall the violent tremors that took away their homes and loved ones. The people coming to Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital mostly seem to be from the poor socio-economic background.

As the quakes are getting weaker patients are being relocated in the regular wards.

The hospital is providing the services absolutely free which includes primary care, operative costs and surgical materials. The admitted patients are even provided with free meals.

Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital is seriously committed in taking care of the earthquake victims. No patient will be turned back without medicines or surgical intervention and everything is going to be cost free.