S.No. Name Age / Sex ward Diagnosis Operation Remarks
1 Dawa Sherpa 42/M GW 10 # NOF left with # acetabulum left (post polio) Cannulated cancellous screws  
2 Sanu Tamang 46/F GW 16 L1 # (Frankel B)    
3 SukuMaya Tamang 41/F T 11 B/B # left leg CRIF with SIGN nail  
4 Ratna Bdr Tamang 60/M T 2 # shaft of right humerus + Brachial plexus neuropraxia CRIF with Humeral nail  
5 Murali Baraili 70/F GW 17 # D3 B/B right leg CRIF with SIGN nail or MIPO with dista l tibial locking plate+1/3 tubular plate  
6 Sarita Tamang 26/F T 7 D3 B/B # Left leg CRIF with SIGn nail + ORIF with 1/3 tubular plate  
7 Buddha Maya B K 45/F R 18 # right tibial shaft CRIF with SIGN nail  
8 Kanchi Giri 40/F R 11 Galeazzi # dislocation right ORIF with SF DCP  
9 Krishna Lal Shrestha 49/M R 9 Comminuted # tibia and segmental fibula CRIF with SIGN nail  
10 Jamuna Gautam 37/F R 5 # D12 with Frankel A neurology Posterior instrumentation with pedicle screws  
11 Bikash Lamichhane 40/M R 4 L1 compression # with Frankel E neurology Posterior instrumentation with pedicle screws  
12 Shiv Bdr katuwal 42/M GW 2 # SOf right ORIF with locking plate  
13 Shanti Majhi 25/F   I/C # (L) humerus ORIF with Dual plating  
14 Tshering Sherpa 39/F GW 12 Comminuted clavicle # right ORIF with recon plate HBSAG +ve
15 Sahastra Rai 41/F GW 1 Galeazzi # dislocation left ORIF with Sf DCP  
16 Manju Tamang 45/F GW 11 Diatal radius # with IA extension CRPP  
17 Bikash Lawati 23/M   (L) tibia pilon # ORIF with plate ands screws  
18 Bhim Bdr. Thami 25/M R 21 Tibial spine # + undisplaced # (Rt) patella ORIF with Screws  
19 Saila Shrestha 52/M   unstable pelvic injury superior and inferior pubic rami fracture with ilium # left    
20 Ashita Tamang 16/F   Unstable pelvic #    
21 Nani Maiya Tamang 18/F   B/L superior pubic rami fracture with SI…… disruption    
22 Pema Sherpa 60/F R 17 B/L Inferior and superior pubic rami fracture    
23 Gyan Subba 50/F   Superior and inferior pubic rami fracture    
24 maya tamang 35/F   Superior and inferior pubic rami fracture    
25 Pradeep Sthapit 56/M   Acetabulum # right    
26 Reshma Danuwar 16/F   Superior and inferior pubic rami fracture    
27 Surendra Dhoju 37/M   Bimalleolar # left ankle    
28 sumitra basnet 21/F   Bimalleolar # right ankle    
29 Churna Kumari Shrestha 45/F   (Rt) B/B # F/A (GUST I) ORIF with DCP  
30 Maiya Giri 40/F R 22 Mid shaft tibia with distal fibula left CRIF with SIGN  
31 Bablu Tamang 17/M   B/B # left leg ORIF with SIGN  
32 Kumari Tamang 39/F   B/B # (rt) leg ORIF with SIGN  
33 Sompal Tamang 39/F   Undisplaced distal fibula # right with undisplaced superior and inferior pubic rami fracture left + (L) 8th rib fracture ORIF with 1/3 rd tubular plate  
34 Sirish Bohora 25/M R 6 Trimalleolar # joint dislocation right ORIFR with 1/3rd Tubular plate and malleolar screws  
35 Lal Chandra Lamichhane   R 8 Tibial plateau SCHZ I + # (Rt) calcaneum    
36 Usha Koirala 41/F   Displaced radial head # (Rt)    
37 Dil BDr. Sunar 70/M T 12 Galeazzi Fracture dislocation right    
38 saraswoti Tamang 22/F T 17 (L) medial malleolus # ORIF with Malloelar screws  
39 Lam Bhuti Tamang 45/F T 16 Distal radius # (Rt) CRPP  
40 Deepak Lama 42/M R 16 # Clavicle right ORIF with Reccon plate  
41 Sarita Maskey 29/F R 23 Tibial plateau + SOF # (Rt) CRIF with SIGN nail  
42 Urgen Lama 45/M R 1 Bimalleolar # (R) with traumatic amputation right thumb ORIF with malleolar screw ±stump closure  
43 Mangali Tamang 56/F        
44 Karina Bhote 18/F R 14 Undisplaced # (L) clavicle and proximal tibia with degloving wound (L) knee CRIF with SIGN nail  
45 Kalpana Timilsena 39/F   bimalleolar # (RT) ORIF with 1/3 rd tubular plate and Malleolar screw  
46 Pabitra Devi Pyakurel 89/F   # SOH and Supra condyle fracture humerus left with Open Gust II B/B # (L) F/A with radial nerve injury CRIF with Rush nail  
47 Madan Chaudhary 71/M   IT # (L) femur ORIF with DHS  
48 Prachanda Silwal 28/M   # (L) calcaneum CRIF with Screw  
49 Sabitri Bhattarai 52/F   # (L) Patella ORIF with TBW  
50 Maiya Khadki 42/F   # (L) Patella ORIF with TBW  
51 Sita Neupane 31/F   BB # (Rt) F/A ORIF with SF-DCPs  
52 Datta Singh Rai     Comminuted B/B # Distal left leg MIPPO with Locking plate / Ilizarov ring fixator  
53 Mindur Tamang 62/M   Open # 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Proximal phalynx right hand Debridement + K-wire fixation