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Patient Stories

Binu Praja

Binu is a 35-year-old carpet factory worker from Thali, Kathmandu. She was asleep on her first floor balcony with her two daughters aged 7 and 17. After the earthquake started they all made their way out of their house as fast as they could. As they exited the house, a garden wall collapsed on top of them. Both of her daughters were killed.

Bina was brought to Shankarapur Hospital an hour after the earthquake. She was given a leg brace and had an x-ray taken. She was then referred to Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital the next morning. On arrival a wrist slab was applied. She was diagnosed with a comminuted sub-trochanteric fracture of her right femur with a fractured 5th metacarpal in her right hand. She underwent surgery on the 1st of May. The procedure was a CRIF with K-wire for the 5thmetacarpal and an CRIF with SIGN nail for the fractured femur.

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Shyam Tamang

Shyam is a 25-year-old farmer from Nuwakot. He was in his bedroom at the time of the first earthquake. As it started he ran out of his house. He then went back into his house to recue his two sons. As he was carrying them out of the house, the building collapsed on them. His 3-year-old son was killed. His 2-year-old son suffered from head trauma and is currently being treated at Kanti Hospital where he is making a good recovery.

Due to a lack of transport, they had to be carried by friends for over 10 hours until they were able to take a car the rest of the way to hospital. They arrived at Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital at 1pm the following day were his leg was bandaged on arrival. His leg was x-rayed first thing the next morning. He was diagnosed with a Gustilo type III A, both-bone fracture of his right leg. He underwent surgery later that day. The procedure was an ORIF with external fixation.

All of the buildings in Shyam’s village have been destroyed and at least one member of each household has been killed. They are all now homeless.

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Bedh Kumari Shakya

Bedh is a 92-year-old woman from Baneshwor, Kathmandu. She was also injured in the first earthquake. She tried to escape from the house after the earthquake started but fell while leaving the house. Her family tried to get her in a taxi but her injuries would not allow her to sit upright. She had to wait three days until an ambulance was available to take her to hospital. Her x-ray on arrival showed an intra-trochanteric fracture of her right femur. She underwent surgery on Friday morning; the procedure was an ORIF with DCS. She is being mobilized out of bed.

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