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Patient Stories 2

Nabina Khadka

Nabina's XRay

Nabina is a one and a half year old child. She lives in Mulpani, Kathmandu. She was injured on Thursday morning in one of the many aftershocks. She was playing in her bed and when the aftershock struck and she fell onto the floor. Her mother, Sanju, was in the kitchen at the time and she managed to get them a lift to the hospital on the back of a motorbike. After an x-ray, she was found to have a fracture of her right proximal femur. She was admitted later the same day and is currently undergoing conservative treatment with a Gallow’s traction.

Ashmita Tamang

Ashmita is a 16-year-old housewife from Bhotechaur, Sindupalchok. She was at home on the first floor with her 6-day-old baby when the earthquake struck. Her house collapsed and she was buried for 4 hours until she was rescued by her neighbours. Her newborn son did not survive. She only arrived at hospital two days after the earthquake due to the lack of available transport. She first went to Shankarapur Hospital where she had an X-ray. She was then referred to Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital. She was diagnosed with a pelvic fracture ( B/L sup and inf rami #) and is undergoing conservative management.

Ashmita's X-Rays

Balaram Kuikel

Balaram is a 28-year-old electrician from Kapan, Kathmandu. He was eating lunch at home with five of his family members and two friends when the earthquake struck. The house collapsed on top of all of them. He was stuck under the rubble for over an hour. His mother was killed and one of his friends has still not been found. Fortunately the other five escaped without harm.

He walked 5km to Nepal Medical College. They took an x-ray of his arm and then referred him on to Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital. He was diagnosed with an open fracture of his right shaft of humerus complicated by a radial nerve palsy. He also suffered face and limb abrasions. Balaram underwent surgery on the 27th of April, which included debridement of the wound and K-wire fixation of the fracture. He still needs surgery for exploration and repair of his radial nerve and probably needs better fixation with an external fixator.

Pre-op X-Rays Post-op X-Rays


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