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A team of 33 orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthetists, physicians, physiotherapists, instrumentists and nurses came to Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital to conduct a Total Hip Arthroplasty camp from November 17th to November 20th 2011 The team was headed by Dr. S. David Stulberg and Dr. Victoria Brander. The preparations for this camp was done way in advance since last year and around 35 hips were screened amongst which 16 were selected to have total hip arthroplasty. The team also saw patients requiring knee arthroplasties during this visit.

There is a growing demand for arthroplasties for the hip and knee in the Nepali population. The expertise of the local surgeons in regard to arthrplasty of the hip and knee is limited and thus this kind of mission from the developed countries is expected to enhance the skills of the local surgeons.

A total of 15 hip arthoplasties were done and one patient had an excision arthroplasty of the hip done by Operation Walk Chicago surgeons. There were no post operative complications and all patients have been discharged successfully. The patients have been given proper instructions and asked for follow-up visit periodically.

Operation Walk Chicago has been coming to Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital since the last two years and helping the local surgeons gain experience as well as treat our poor patients free of cost.

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