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The Sagarmatha General Ward was officially inaugurated by Rt. Honorable President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav on December 3rd 2011. The president had visited the hospital with his daughter Miss Yadav on the occasion. Around 500 guests had arrived to grace the occasion which included doctors from various institutes, Rotarians and many other officials from the ministry of health and social welfare and also from various other organizations. Dr. Saju Pradhan, the medical director of NOH welcomed and thanked the president and other invitees for attending the event. He also gave a brief account of the history of the hospital and the types of services given by the hospital. He stressed that Nepal should have hospitals in the model of NOH which is a non-governmental, not-for-profit hospital where the patients get quality care at affordable price and also there is arrangement for charity to the needy. Mr. Luc Salens, Honorary advisor to the hospital board spoke about the contributions made by many individuals and Rotary Clubs and Nepal Disabled Organization and urged all concerned to recognize their good work. He also took pride in stating that NOH had become one of the best orthopaedic and trauma care centers in Nepal. President Ram Baran Yadav spoke and praised the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital for doing charitable work and yet remaining competitive with the best in the private sector and he also lamented that government health services were not able to perform well in spite of the support that is given. He congratulated all the staff for working hard and to continue the good work. He also expressed that the addition of 26 new beds in the Sagarmatha General Ward would alleviate the crunch felt in orthopaedic beds in the country. Chairman of Nepal Disabled Organization/ Nepal Orhopaedic Hospital gave a vote of thanks to all who came for the event and he stressed that the work done by Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital would indeed help in preventing disability in Nepal. He also promised that Nepal Disabled Organization would help NOH in whatsoever way to evolve in to an ideal orthopaedic hospital

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