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TKR Surgery camp 2012 at NOH

TKR Surgery camp 2012 at NOH


Operation Walk Chicago has been conducting Total Knee Arthroplasty and Total Hip Arthroplasty camps in Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital since many years..

A team of 13 Operation Walk Chicago members arrived on June 18th and conducted surgery on 10 knee patients. The team was headed by Dr. David Stulberg and Dr. Victoria Brander.  The team had screened 17 patients amongst which 10 patients  were selected for surgery. A total of 15 knees were replaced in the 10 patients.  The team also saw patients requiring who had undergone knee replacements by them in the earlier years. All the patients have done well and there were no untoward incidents.

Dr. Stulberg and Dr. Lal Puri worked with NOH surgeons and and quite a few cases were even done by NOH surgeons with their guidance. The nurses were also guided by Operation Walk OR instrumentists in assisting surgeries. All services were given free of cost by Operation Walk Chicago. The implants and medicines were all arranged by NOH and the cost of surgery for each patient was almost at par with the real cost of materials involved. Thus during this visit of Operation Walk Chicago, there was benefit for all sides concerned. NOH surgeons gained valuable first- hand experience, patients had surgery at a very cost-effective rate and Operation Walk Chicago was able to cut down on spending for philanthropic work.

Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital is very grateful to Operation Walk Chicago for it invaluable contribution in building up its Arthroplasty program and hopes to continue partnering in this field in the future.


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