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Day 01, The Tragedy : Nepal Earthquake

Day 01, The Tragedy : Nepal Earthquake

The earthquake struck at 11:58 am on Saturday, April 25 2015. There was violent shaking like never before ever. The Magnitude 7.8 earthquake lasted for over a minute. It continued the whole day and late into the evening with large and violent shakes. Roads cracked, house turned and shifted and some collapsed and some cracked. Old buildings mostly cracked or collapsed. Heritage monuments including principal pagodas in all three towns of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu collapsed. The monumental Dharahara tower collapsed and turned into rubble. Luckily Saturday being a holiday, all offices and schools were closed. Casualty was lower than predicted. Our hospital had no OPD on Saturday. Structural damage to the hospital has been negligible.

Most casualties and fatalities occurred in the old parts of town and also from the nearby hilly districts of Dhading, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk. The old town of Saankhu in Kathmandu district had 1000 houses out of which only 400 remained standing. Landslides and avalanches occurred in the mountains. Search and rescue was not possible immediately.

Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital had people coming in from late afternoon. Place was very chaotic. Patients refused to stay indoors as there were powerful aftershocks and the hospital was shaking like a vibrator. Most patients were kept in the first floor on Saturday.

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