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Day 03, The Tragedy : Nepal Earthquake

Day 03, The Tragedy : Nepal Earthquake

April 27th had less powerful aftershocks and NOH field hospital was running smoothly. Morning meeting was held quickly and surgery was planned for patients. Plan was to shift patients in the ground floor wards and in the evening and maybe start surgery normally in the regular OR next day. Lab tests and x-rays were done on all patients. Patients were admitted according to need. Patients were given free snacks by the hospital and all patients were treated for free.

The load of patients needing surgery is very high and patients will still be coming as other hospitals are also packed. We needed to help these patients. We needed medicines, implants and food to support these patients who are injured physically and psychologically. Some patients were buried in rubble and rescued, some had loved ones die in front of them. Nepalese are very poor. They cannot afford surgery. We needed financial help for treating them. The nearest guess was that we would need money to treat at least a hundred inpatients. If we can treat patients for free, more patients in need will come for treatment to NOH.

NOH is a non-profit, non-governnmental organization and we need to pay our staff salary. If we keep on treating the patients for free, NOH will not be able to pay staff their salary this month.

We appeal to all of you, friends and well-wishers of NOH to please raise money so that surgery can be done on these poor patients without us having to worry about operational costs. Please do anything to help us. Any small or big amount will help. 

To donate please write to or or call us at 977-1-4911725, 977-1-4911274, 977-1-4910505.

Nature has been very harsh to us. Let me thank you for all for sending your messages of support. Please spread the word for financial support to victims of the earthquake so that needful surgery can be done. Please help NOH so that we can help earthquake victims.

We pray to the Almighty that this punishment be stopped and the jolts stop on the poorest peoples on earth.

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