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Labor Day Efforts

Labor Day Efforts

May, 1st 2015

A small program was organized to honour dead and wounded by staff by holding a minute silence during International Labour Day. 

Quakes were not felt on many occasions. A lot of patients are still coming and we have erected two more UNICEF tents for housing more patients. We have planned 19 surgeries today. Tomorrow we have 12 surgeries. there are still 60 surgeries to waiting after that. No government help so far. No supplies so far except by one local organization. We are so thankful to them (Nick Simons Institute).

We are short of beds and mattresses still. We have brought out old and defunct beds and washed and reconditioned them for use. We have now inside the hospital 100 patients. In the field hospital tents we have 42 patients.

Today a few international organizations came to ask about supplies and promised what they could do. TV crews and FM stations also broadcast our activities. A Chinese army crew came to sanitize our hospital with their sanitizing truck. A UAE engineering corp came and assessed earthquake damage and gave us a green chit. No structural damage. Nepal Engineering Association is also doing an inspection and certify our status. An Indian trauma team came and visited NOH. One of the surgeons is working with our team.

NOH staff are working non-stop and doing the best to cope with this new situation.

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