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One Week After

One Week After

A few aftershocks today. Nothing serious except at around 3:00pm a 5+Richter scale aftershock occurred in Barpak village in Gorkha, the original epicenter. This buried 20 rescuers there in the village. About 6 are suspected to have perished.

57 new patients came to consult today. 11 patients were admitted. 12 patients were operated on today. Total of 807 earthquake victims have been seen, 159 admissions made, 17 have been discharged and 77 victims have undergone surgery. There were additions in the surgical team. One Indian anaesthetist and two Indian orthopaedic surgeons came for help. Another South African team joined also: two orthopaedic surgeon, two scrub nurses and one anaesthetist. 

There visits made by a UAE urban search and rescue team. They gave a crash course on emergency management and Triage in case of mass casualties to NOH staff seeing earthquake victims firsthand. They were very professional and practical. They were shocked at what we had in our ambulances for emergency supplies and promised what best they can to equip our ambulance with essential kits. A group of Nepali Australian students came and distributed some supplies of medical material. 

12 patients have been planned for surgery for May 3rd. Around 50 patients still are waiting for surgery. We are trying to slow down surgery because of issues with supplies and sterilization and also because we are overwhelmed due to the sheer size now of the wards and tents with inpatients that have to be catered to in view of rounds, dressings and plan for surgical management.

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