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3rd May Report

3rd May Report

A few more aftershocks today. The evening one after five pm was a jolt of 4.9 on the Richter scale. Kathmandu has seen 1,000,000 people leave the valley to other "safe places" till today. The death toll has risen to 7000 plus. People are still unaccounted for and bodies are being found.

Kathmandu traffic is back to normal and the markets are starting to open but there are shortages of everything. At NOH, we are desperately waiting for orders of beds and mattresses to come. We brought in 16 new beds and we are housing patients in the normal wards. All available space and the tents have been used to housel patients. 

More patients are being seen and new victims are being admitted. Most patients are referred to NOH because of the media reporting the good work that NOH has been doing. More stories about NOH and earthquake relief on TV and the papers could be seen today.

110 patients were seen, 11 were admitted and 2 were discharged and 10 patients underwent surgery. 9 patients are planned for surgery for tomorrow. 53 patients are pre-op and in the stage of assessment and planning.

OR is running smoothly. Staff are now more relaxed and rested. The speed of surgery has been slowed down deliberately as surgeons become more confident.

The first international supply from Medicines sans Frontier arrived today. We will open supplies tomorrow. What a great relief !

Many smaller Nepali organizations are coming to do their bit in helping out such as tea and snacks for the patients. We asked for bed sheets and patient gowns from a women organization . 

Things are now pretty much in control except the work load for the staff is immense, especially in the wards and the field hospital. Lots of patients need wound care. A South African wound care specialist is assisting our nurses. UAE disaster management team came and gave a formal demonstration course to our doctors and paramedics.

You can see the different stories of the earthquake victims here -

Thank you all for the support and concern.

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