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Days towards normalcy

Days towards normalcy

Things are a lot smoother except we are still getting more patients. The previously operated patients who are now in stable condition are being discharged.Quite a few have gone home and quite few are being rehabilitated in the Shanti Sewa Griha (Peace Service Home) where there is one doctor giving care for them. They will be provided with free food and shelter. One our doctor’s will be doing rounds there. NOH will support them with dressing material and keep tabs. Today also we have planned many discharges. Patanjali Yoga Center is willing to take them in and keep them as long as it takes. We plan to do a similar arrangement.

Around 40 patients need surgery and some others can be managed conservatively without surgery. We are expecting Dr. Brander’s team to come today. Hopefully they can assist from tomorrow. The South African team left this afternoon. The Indian doctors left yesterday. Great help from them. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude from NOH and from the patients.

1134 patients have been seen as outpatients. 200 patients have been admitted.30 patients have been discharged. We are also seeing other regular patients not related to earthquake. These are not counted in the census we are sending you. They are also being treated for free. 115 patients have undergone surgery. 142 operative procedures have been done. 14 patients were planned for surgery today.

We have targetted to finish all primary interventions in 4 days time. The waiting time for surgery now is three days. All patients who have open injuries, children and high risk patients and old patients have undergone surgery on a priority basis.

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