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2 weeks later

2 weeks later

The relief for earthquake victims is going on smoothly. Yesterday we saw the arrival of the team led by Dr. Brander and today we saw a team from University of Southern California join us. The list of patients needing surgery now is dwindling. We hope to wrap up things to normal speed by Monday.

We saw 60 earthquake victims as outpatients and admitted 10 of them the day before yesterday. We saw 34 earthquake victims as outpatients and admitted 5 of them yesterday. 11 patients were operated on Thursday and 14 patients were operated on Friday. Today 17 patients are planned for surgery. Total admissions has been 215 and total patients operated has been 138 with 167 surgical procedures in the operating room till now. Minor procedures in the outpatients have not been counted. 59 patients have been discharged so far.

We are discharging patients more often to make space for more patients to have a bed in the wards and bring a semblance of normalcy here. Till yesterday 1228 outpatients earthquake related injuries have been seen. Now follow-ups are also being made for these patients. Since the last five days we have also seen normal OPD patients not related to the earthquake (251).

We are having shortage of water here at the hospital and are currently in the process of boring a deep tube well. Our other deep tube wells dried up and we had to resort to buying water. In fact Kathmandu has been hit by a shortage of drinking water even before the earthquake. NOw the problem is even more severe.

Friends, your help and your contribution is of utmost importance in treating ALL patients for free during these difficult times. Thank you so much for everything so far. We are expecting arrival of supplies in the coming days and hopefully it should bolster our inventory.

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