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Field OR

Field OR

Today the rest of the Operation Walk members are leaving except one photographer who will stay behind.

We would like to thank Operation Walk surgeons because they contributed significantly to reduce the load on our own NOH team in conducting surgeries. Our surgeons had a great opportunity to rest and re-energize. We discussed immediate needs and long term needs and gave them a wish list of needs.

A Spanish duo of orthopaedic physician and radio technician also joined NOH to volunteer since yesterday. They also gave some medical supplies for the hospital to use.

The Field OR was set up yesterday. The OR equipment was transferred to the tent, built by the Canadian army corps, yesterday evening. The new OR was fumigated twice- yesterday evening and this morning. Seven patients were taken to OR for surgery. NOH team finished the surgeries by five pm inspite of starting late this morning at 11:30am.

A water and sanitation assessment was requested from UNICEF and it was done in the afternoon by one official. Discussion was made to improve supplies of water and improve toileting and sanitation measures. Hopefully the UN affiliated organizations will move to improve the situation.  

We have a back log of around 27 patients left for surgery. There seems to be no need to hurry as these are all stable patients. We are having to deal with patients who are unwilling to go home because they are afraid to go home or they don’t have a place to go home or they simply want the free food. Rehabilitation will be a problem for the patients.

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