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20th May Planning & Updates

20th May Planning & Updates

We plan to keep our Field Hospital running for at least one week. Medicines sans Frontierre has undertaken the task of looking after discharged patients who have no place to go and will be operating in one of the four tents that they set up yesterday. They will take responsibility for all operating costs on their side. This will be a big relief for us both financially and technically. 

We hope to start running ‘normal’ services from next week. Ultimately I hope we can keep bed occupancy at around 60-70 % so that we have enough beds for our regular trauma patients and the waiting list. This will generate income and contribute to a normal economy.

MSF will be running a counselling, physio and wound dressing unit in the Field Tents for quite some time.

The Field OR is running smoothly and we are doing between eight and twelve surgeries per day. I am asking for the wards to be painted and cleaned before we can move our patients in. Some patients will be taken care of by MSF for quite some time (one to three months) in the tents outside. By Sunday, hopefully, we can move in our first batch of patients in the wards on the ground floor. Surgery may be started in the regular OR by Monday? 

Dr. Miguel Daccarett, from University of Nebraska, an orthopaedic trauma surgeon,has been helping our surgeons in the OR. Dr. Neil Ferguson, a UK anaesthetist joined since yesterday and will work for ten days. Dr. Lewis Zirkle from SIGN will be joining NOH on coming Sunday. Dr. Patricia from Spain is helping in the OPD and also in the OR. So we now have a size-able team of expats and our own team of twelve orthopaedic surgeons and two anesthetists.

We have just received word that a consignment from SIGN has reached the cargo bay at the airport with instruments and implants. 

This morning Helping Hand USA pledged to hand over 50 beds and mattresses as donation. They have ordered the beds and left NOH with some. 

Till yesterday, a total of 1928 earthquake victims were seen in OPD ( including follow-up EQV), 705 regular patients have been seen since the April 25 earthquake. 314 admissions have been made, 195 have been discharged, 267 earthquake surgeries have been done in 238 earthquake patients. We have managed to put in some ‘normal’ patients in the list as well.

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