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Working with the aftershocks

Working with the aftershocks

We are now seeing more regular patients than earthquake victims. The OR and the general ward on the ground floor are being painted to prepare for the ultimate transfer of patients there and running of surgery in the regular OR. This will take about one week. Thus the tentative plan is to go inside next week. 

Yesterday, there was 4.4 Richter scale quake which came with a loud bang like a canon. People started running helter skelter as it was quite a big jolt which lasted for about five to eight seconds (at around 2:47 PM). The effect was scary because the epicenter was in the Valley itself in south Lalitpur.

Al-Khair, a UK based charity donated 25 wheel chairs to NOH and 50 pairs of crutches. Nine surgeries have been planned today and most things are going smoothly. MSF is yet to take responsibility for the patients who will be transferred to the cold ward.

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