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Repair - A Work in Progress

Repair - A Work in Progress

This has been one month since the great earthquake struck the unwary Nepali population of the central and eastern region. People are getting used to the daily small aftershocks. More people are daring to sleep indoors except for those with destroyed homes or disturbed homes. Traffic is now slowly building up in the congested roads of the Valley.  

Yesterday being a Saturday, we took a day off from surgery and only duty doctors and nurses were left in the hospital. The back log of earthquake surgeries is now nearing an end. We are trying to squeeze in routine cases. The number of earthquake OPD has fallen sharply while normal OPD has risen exponentially. Signs of normalcy. And yet lurking behind is the broken psyche of the victims of the massive earthquake. Children are behaving strangely and others are suffering silently. 

We have set up an NOH-MSF rehab ward in the huge WFP tent. Eight nurses have been hired and MSF is going to send one physio, one psychology counsellor and one nurse and dresser. We have currently 23 patients in that ward. 85 other patients are still in the other six tents. 

We are repairing the OR and the general ward and starting to paint them fresh. OR is still in the Field Tent. We will keep going this way till OR is painted/ repaired and the wards are painted/repaired. The hospital needs a break for cleaning and maintaining too.

Normal OPD is expected to run in great numbers and we will need to prepare normal OPD as for the wards. 

We are receiving financial donations from individuals as well as from group efforts. We received a donation of USD 5,500 from Miss Shreya Pradhan who collected the amount through her own efforts ( meeting and writing to various individuals). She is a very young student whom I believe has started her life at a young age in a very responsible way. Kudos to her. 

Dr. Anil’s daughter, Apekshya has also collected and given USD 15,118 to NOH account (through her own effort, writing and meeting kind-hearted individuals and organizations). Kudos to her too. It is unbelievable how such things can be easily achieved when one has the right mindset and right determination.  

Now is the time I believe we should think of what needs to be done to make the hospital a better serving place with all the support and exposure NOH has had.

Today, a group called Nepasoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd came and donated stationary to children who were injured and admitted in NOH. We distributed the same to 18 children who were aged 16 and under. 

Sooner or later, Nepal will have to come out of this fright and rebuild itself and hopefully we can all turn this disaster into an opportunity to build ourselves into better, stronger and more prosperous nation. 

I thank you all for your kind deeds and words.

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