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Update - 26th May

Update - 26th May

We are not seeing any more new earthquake victims. We are doing less number of earthquake surgeries too. We are now expecting referred cases and cases that need specialized surgery. Altogether 1740 OPD patients have been seen. Including follow-ups, we have seen 2094 earthquake patients. Thus NOH has delivered care to more than 10% of all injured patients and NOH is one of the major centers to admit and operate on 271 patients !!!

MSF have started work on rehabilitation and aftercare for our ‘cold’ patients since yesterday. Yesterday Medshare supplies of 18 pallets containing scrub shirts , hood and head gear, gloves, sutures, fine surgical instruments, spirit swabs, shoe covers, extremity drapes, syringes, slings, IV solutions,table top autoclave,masks, surgical gowns, Ambu bags, cast material etc weighing 2500 kg were dropped to NOH. These are essential supplies that will replenish our depleted inventory. Thanks Carl for the hook-up. Thanks Medshare for these vital supplies.

We are doing normal surgery too and seeing normal patients also. Slowly and hopefully we will pick up on this and we can rely on our own internal revenues for the operational cost for the hospital activities. As of now, without all your fund-raising and the kind donations from all places, NOH would not have been able to care for all these victims. 

We will need to do an earthquake audit of our accounts and see how we are faring. We will continue to treat for free ALL earthquake victims till they are fully okay and try to use the surplus if any to rebuild the hospital and make it a better facility (infrastructure, painting and beds and medical equipment, OR etc). This will take some time. We have completed a months work and we still have more work to do.

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