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29th May Update

29th May Update

The number of earthquake victims to be treated are more or less coming to a halt except for the occasional one or two cases which are referred. Rehabilitation work is now our primary focus and physiotherapy, dressing of wounds and follow-ups take up most of our time regarding earthquake victims. MSF is primarily involved there. We have started normal OPD in normal OPD chambers. General Ward and OR is being repaired and painted. 

We plan to take out Project Cure equipment and keep the OR tables, the ICU beds etc in their proper places once the painting and repair work is done. We will keep Field OR running so that we can have unhindered access to OR for painting and cleaning.

We will stop updating census as there is no significant change as to the number of earthquake activities. The drinking water area, the toilets and the washing areas have been made for the rehab patients in the big WFP tent. We will shift patients in the reception area and the tent in front of the garden to the general ward by the beginning of the coming week.

Yesterday, the Canadian cabinet Minister of Labour and women affairs, Dr. Kellie Leitch visited our hospital and spent one hour with us. She visited the Field OR as well. It appears we may keep the Canadian tent for future use. She was a qualified paediatric orthopaedic surgeon from Canada before she became a politician. She had a good time with us.

Yesterday, we sent a seven member team of doctors, nurses and paramedics to Chhatre Deurali in Dhading which is two hours drive from Kathmandu, for an Earthquake Relief Mission. The area was identified as a needy village by TEWA, a woman based organization. The area was completely decimated by the earthquake and no houses were habitable there.165 households were informed of our arrival. TEWA sponsored corrugated sheets for roofing to these households. 

NOH provided a hygiene and sanitation kit comprising of a bucket, a mug, tooth paste and brush, hand sanitizer etc to 174 households. Our team also took lots of medicines and saw 80 patients in whom suture removal, dressings were done and other medications were distributed. The remaining medicines were left with the local health post for future use.The whole event was very organized and orderly according to our team. 

NOH team left the hospital at 11:00 am and returned at 6:30 pm in the evening. We plan to identify such needy areas and go next week for such a mission where a hygiene and sanitary kit will distributed to the needy households.

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