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1st June Update

1st June Update

Friday was Republic day for us ( very low key) and Saturday was another public holiday. After a month many people had a break including myself. Tried to catch up on my sleep. There were no surgeries planned. Meanwhile work was going on in mending cracks and painting walls in different areas of the hospital. 

Yesterday, the freshly painted general ward and the infection ward were opened and patients were brought in reluctantly ( fear). The wards look very clean now. The OR and CSSD are being freshened up and we will put in the new OR tables  from the Project Cure container. The children's ward is being painted while preserving the cartoon characters. This ward will come into operation tomorrow. Plans are being made to dismantle the tents that are not needed while keeping those which will still come into use. MSF is functioning well. Their treatment tent is now fully furnished for physiotherapy and dressings and counselling.

The number of earthquake outpatients seen is a constant 1740 and the total is 2125 earthquake OPD patients when follow-ups are included). Till yesterday 282 earthquake victims were operated on and 312 surgeries performed on them. Once the wards are all open, we hope to do more of our regular work- OPD and surgeries and emergencies.

Dr. Lewis Zirkle, the founder of SIGN and Dr. Carla Smith and CEO Jean Dilner from SIGN came from the US on Saturday evening. They came to visit NOH to extend a helping hand. Yesterday three SIGN surgeries were done by the team. SIGN is one of NOH prime partners as are HTC and Operation Walk Chicago. These three constitute the most collaboration between NOH and any other organization in terms of orthopaedic surgery. NOH has gained a lot of experience in fracture care through SIGN and a lot of experience in arthroplasty and physiotherapy through Operation Walk and a lot of experience regarding ankle and foot care ( podiatry) through HTC. 

We performed 42 SIGN surgeries in earthquake victims and it is now clear how important SIGN has been for us in dealing with this disaster. SIGN has been involved in helping other centers like Bir Hopsital, Patan Hospital and Nepal Medical College during this crisis. 

We have planned a board meeting on Wednesday to appraise the board of the activities of the past one month since the earthquake. 

Thus now we are in the second phase of rehab for the earthquake victims and rehab for hospital activities.

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