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6th June Updates

6th June Updates

We have moved most of the patients inside the hospital. Most tents have been dismantled and stored. We have 52 patients under the joint care of MSF and NOH care-givers. These patients are living under the huge WFP tent and will stay there till they are ready to go home or they are rehabilitated.

We have 31 other recently operated earthquake victims and they will in turn be rehabilitated through MSF or they will be discharged if they are ready to go home. All these patients will be asked to come back for follow-up. We will be giving free treatment to all these patients over the coming months till they are stable or some want their implants taken out.

We have another 24 patients who are non- EQ origin. I hope as time progresses this number will increase. We are having shortages of beds and the beds we have need repair and maintenance. We are asking from some donors who are ready to assist with the NEW beds and we have some donors who are willing to finance NEW bed side lockers (these are really badly needed/ old ones are crumbly).

Dr. Lewis Zirkle stayed for almost a week and he operated with our team. We arranged a hasty SIGN conference at the Gokarna Forest resort with some 20 other SIGN surgeons from the Valley and other areas. Great success for such a shortly prepared event. They left for the States yesterday. They got to see other centers involved in earthquake care also.

We have repaired and painted the OR and the OR is functioning. Project Cure OR tables have been taken up as have been the anesthesia machine. The ICU/Post-op beds and the bed side lockers have been replaced by the Project Cure furniture and the original ones have been brought down to the Private Cabins. Slowly we are trying to use everything that has been donated. I hope the hospital will now be a much better place. We are planning to overhaul our old beds (paint and repair) so that all furniture look smart.

The Children's Ward, the Private Ward Cabins, the General Ward and the lobby is being painted and the hospital is indeed emerging smarter. We will soon have the Aero DR (digital radiography) system and the ETO (gas sterilizer) donated kindly by Global Circle Foundation (through Jan Byrnes, VP of same organization). 

A lot of work remains and this will keep going till NOH is fully functional in a better way. We have resumed the building of Pathology Lab, after which we will expand the ER to a 10 bedded facility. We will work for a new outreach surgical camp in the near future. We will try to include unseen earthquake injuries in these camps or we will deal with complications or we will simply treat poor patients of any origin for free.

We had a board meeting on last Wednesday which was very good. They were very appreciative of the work NOH did and we passed a resolution thanking all donors who contributed in kind, cash or service.

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