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11th June Updates

11th June Updates

Things are looking more normal now. We have 81 earthquake patients, in total NOH has 32 patients in the wards and 49 are in the NOH-MSF ward. There are 35 normal patients in the wards. Thus we have a total of 116 patients with us. There are no new earthquake patients except for a few follow-ups.

Dr. Anil is now our co-ordinator from NOH for rehabilatation. He goes to the Ministry of Health for meetings. It is a great honor for NOH that we have been given recognition as one of the rehab centers and also one of the centers that can take in complicated earthquake victims requiring further treatment. We are the only non-governmental hospital lined with Bir Hospital, Teaching Hospital, Patan Hospital, Army Hospital and Police Hospital. In fact if you see the work load, we are doing more work than most of the other hospitals.

We have also put the beds sent by Project Cure in the post-op /ICU ward and indeed these beds are very good. Fully motorized and the mattresses are also very very good. Our nurses are indeed delighted.

Painting and repair work is going on and we are trying very hard to finish all repair work so it does not hamper normal work. We are short of beds and I have made a contract with a company that can repair and paint beds for Rs. 1800 a piece. I have lined up at least 45 beds and we will also need to paint and overhaul other furniture. 

Inventory management is being done and donated medical supplies are being used for our earthquake patients to optimize resources. We are still getting aftershocks but the intensity is not so much and the frequency is not so frightening either.

Slowly we are getting more confident and things are not so hectic for everyone as in the beginning.

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