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Newly Completed NOH Projects


NOH now has a brand new RO system installed and has already become operational. The water it produced has been found to be germ free and drinkable. This will minimise our expenditure in buying drinking water. The system will be incorporated in the main water treatment plant later. The project was generously funded by Mr Luc Salens, a Belgian Rotarian, and his fellow Rotarians.


A set 16 solar batteries have replaced the old ones. Solar energy is our back up power to  computers and sophisticated equipments like Xrays, USG/ECHO, BMD. This alternative source of energy has been proven to be very protective during incessant power fluctuations and load shedding. The project was funded by Mr Luc Salens and his Rotarian friends. 

Mr Luc Salens

Honorary Board advisor, NOH


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