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SIGN Surgeries in NOH

SIGN surgeries have been started in this hospital from August 11, 2003. Till the end of August, 2011, 670 SIGN surgeries have been done at the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital. The system is specifically designed for use in hospital in developing countries where real time imaging and power equipment are not available. Every year SIGN has organized annual conferences and our doctors also have been participating every year. SIGN has been giving surgical implants free of cost for the patients of NOH.

SIGN nails are being used for fractures of the tibia and femur and special FIN nails have also been used for certain humerus shaft fractures.


SIGN stands for Surgical Implant Generation Network. Its head quarter is located in Richland, Washington, USA, headed by Dr. Lewis G. Zirkle. Dr. Carla Smith is the liason between SIGN and NOH.

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